The next film: Bend it like Beckham

Now I saw a further Britfilm. This time I chose “Bend it like Beckham” (German title: “Kick it like Beckham" ). This film is about an Indian girl, her name is Jess, who likes football. She plays football with friends and later also in a girls team. Her parents prohibit her the sport because she should better learn to cook. But because she likes to play football, she still plays further. Because her older sister marries, she couldn't go to an important football match. But when her father sees that she is really unlucky about this, she can go to the match. With her help, the team wins the game and Jess and her best friend get a scholarship. The film isn't only about sports, it is also a love film because there is a love story bet between Jess and her coach.


This film even fits to two of our teaching subjects: India and stereotypes. It fits to the subject India because the main character is from India and has other traditions as the British peoples. It isn't normal for an Indian girl to play football. Jess must really fight for her dream and this also leads to some disputes with her family. The stereotype in the film is that the Indian girl isn't allowed to play football. This is kind of a stereotype about people with other cultures.


I like this film too, but it is another kind of film as Ali G Indahouse. This film is a mixture of a love story and a story about sports. I think this is an interesting combination but the film shows it is able to write a good story about this two subjects together. The third aspect, the fact that the main character is from another country with other traditions, makes the film into a modern film with many interesting subjects.

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The first Britfilm: Ali G Indahouse

Ali G is a young man from Staines (London). By chance, he becomes a politician and a member of the British parliament. Even though he has no idea about politics he becomes successful and very famous. In the course of the film, Ali has to solve an intrigue to restore the reputation of the British prime minister. At the end, Ali leaves the parliament and becomes an ambassador who all the time makes only party.


Ali fills all clichés of a young man from a big city. For example, he is represented relatively stupid, he likes to smoke weed and he often thinks he is the best. You could say, he is somebody, whom one doesn't credit particular a lot. But in the film he proves that can be successfully even though he has that characteristics.


 I like the film "Ali G Indahouse". It's a funny film with many strange, but also good, scenes. I know that the plot is very unrealistic, but I think, and hope, that the other spectators also know this. The film is in no regard an educational film, it is only for entertainment.


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